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Gold IRA

Benefits of Gold IRA Investing

Investment Grade Gold Bars

Investing your IRA (Individual Retirement Account) in the stability of gold is an excellent hedge against the possible (and probable) devaluation of the dollar.  By keeping your retirement nest egg invested in dollars you risk losing buying power due to inflation, currency devaluation, or worse. Gold is the traditional currency of exchange which nearly all failed fiat currency economies return to in dire economic times.

Can you afford not to protect yourself and your family from possible financial ruin?  Should you invest your IRA in gold?  Providing your family with  future security via allocation of a portion or all of your retirement account into safe and reliable gold is much easier than you think.

Eight Easy Steps for Rolling Over Your IRA to Gold

This is how the simple and hassle free the gold IRA investing process works:

  1. You can request a FREE gold IRA rollover kit from Regal Assets (review here) by filling out the request form to the right.  A rollover specialist will call you to confirm, and he or she will answer any questions you may have regarding the process.
  2. The kit will be sent out to you immediately.  Should you decide to proceed (there is no obligation), you simply fill out a one page form which you can scan and email back. (It is that easy, Regal Assets will take care of the rest of the paperwork for you).
  3. Once they have your email, they will send you a set of documents already filled out with your information. You simply sign and return the documents (again this can be done quickly via email).
  4. Once documents are received, they will set up a self directed IRA for you and advise of your account number.
  5. They will then work with your existing custodian to transfer funds. This is done with no penalties and zero tax.
  6. You can then choose what kinds of metals you’d like in your portfolio. This is completely up to you, however your account executive is with you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have and offer advice.
  7. You can then choose to nominate a depository to secure your metals.
  8. You will now receive quarterly statements, and you can check your account online 24/7/365.

Note: If you have more than USD $10,000 in your retirement account, Regal Assets will waive set up fees and storage fees for the first year of your gold ira investments. This results in a combined savings of approximately $300.  This bonus is available to all new clients.